My biggest inspiration is the body itself, I love to create pieces for all bodytypes that highlights what you want to be seen.



I love to take you right to where jewelry traditionally stood for : dress and adorn. I love to play with scale, enlarged stones, large pearls and chains that look heavy but are very light to wear.



I create my jewelry line because I am absolutely sure that artistic, body sculpting jewelry can enhance any outfit and makes meeting new people easier and can literaly open doors for you.

Uli Rapp

The Idea

Uli Rapp (1974) received her Masters degree in jewelry design at the prestigious Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Fascinated by the Elizabethan splendour in dress decoration she translates it into wearable contemporary jewelry. Her collections have developed rapidly in a sophisticated style and use of smart materials - she invented a technique to apply medical plastic between textile.

Design Approach

Style & Quality

Uli’s necklaces, brooches and earrings interpret a love for antique gemstones and pearls contrasting with chunky chains. All pieces are skilfully handmade in screen print on light weight soft materials. The combination of a contemporary artist’s tools with the hint of past splendour makes for tintillating jewelry: conversation pieces for bold wearers like famous Architect Zaha Hadid, Designer Nathalie Rykiel or Boy George.

Local Design goes global

Handmade locally, valued worldwide

Uliʼs pieces are produced in Amsterdam, by hand and with love by Uli & her team. They are worn all over the world and can be found in permanent collections of international museums and private collectors. They are sold at shows and galleries in Paris, Miami and Dubai.

Get in touch

The uli collection is designed and produced in the heart of Amsterdam.

Studio visits by appointment only.

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Singel 76 B4
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The Netherlands