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Art & Design‘Life is too short not to wear pretty things’

‘Life is too short not to wear pretty things’

Lights, camera, action – that’s Lucretia van der Vloot’s life in a nutshell. This Dutch power house is known for her extremely diverse career: she sings, performs on TV and in theatres. In her most recent theatre show, she reflects on her Surinam roots by combining storytelling and traditional songs. And it’s no surprise that Lucretia loves to wear jewelry on stage – the flashier the better.

You’re known as a glamorous lady who is crazy about pretty jewelry…
I really am! Especially when I’m on stage, I really make an effort with large and striking earrings and necklaces. The audience should be able to see me even when I’m not at the front of the stage. Jewelry tends to reflect light. Uli’s necklaces often have a metallic sheen to them which makes them perfect for the stage.’

What else is important for you when choosing what jewelry to wear on stage?
‘I should be able to move around freely. So although I love bold pieces that make a statement, they shouldn’t be too heavy. Also, a while ago I started to develop an allergy for materials that aren’t real silver or gold. I immediately get an awful rash! And that’s definitely not what you want to happen while performing. So I only wear real gold or silver on stage. And of course, Uli’s pieces are ideal for people who suffer from comparable allergies. They make the same impact as gold or silver jewelry, but without any nasty bumps or rashes.’

How did you first get to know about Uli’s designs?
‘I only heard about Uli’s jewelry two years ago. When I participated in a show on Dutch television, the stylist introduced me to the pieces. I was lucky enough to be able to wear an amazing necklace that was black/ silver on one side and purple on the other side. It was love at first sight!’

Oh, tell me more?
‘You know, sometimes you just think: o man, I wish I would’ve come up with that? That’s how I feel about Uli’s necklaces. The concept is just so ingenious. I’m not proud of this, but I can be quite careless at times. But these necklaces are so durable, you can just mindlessly put them in your bag and they will be fine. And it’s fun to play around with them as they are reversible.’

Is your personal style very different from ‘Lucretia the performer’?
‘It is! When I’m not working, I love mixing up sporty clothes with more chic pieces. So I would wear a long camel coat with jeans and sneakers, for example. But when I’m on stage, my alter ego comes out. In front of the audience, I transform into Lucretia the diva! Fake eyelashes, colorful makeup, high heels, bouncy hear and lots of jewelry: all these elements really make me into another person. Suddenly it’s like boom: there she is.’

‘You know, sometimes you just think: o man, I wish I would’ve come up with that? That’s how I feel about Uli’s necklaces. The concept is just so ingenious.‘

Do you have a favorite piece of style wisdom?
‘I have a thing for beautiful, expensive coats. I own several of them but until recently they would just hang in my closet, waiting to be worn for a special occasion. Of course, the occasion never came. So this is a piece of advice to myself: pull out your favorite clothing item and wear it on a regular day! Life is too short not to.’

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