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Art & Design‘I see style as creative self-expression’

‘I see style as creative self-expression’

Judith Boyd is known for her blog ‘Style Crone’. This eccentric 70+ lady inspires her readers with her creative vintage looks and her passion for hats. Style, to her, is a form of self-expression that is ageless.

How did your love for fashion start?
‘I spent most of my career working as a psychiatric nurse in an emergency setting. My days were filled with extreme and painful cases. Style has always been my creative outlet, a creative form of self-expression. Dressing up was and still is my form of meditation as it helps me to feel good about myself. Because of my love for headwear, I co-owned a hat shop in the 80s and sold vintage clothing in an antique mall. In 2010 I started my blog, then Instagram came along and here we are now.’

Can you guide me through the process of putting an ensemble together?
‘Like I said, to me, creating a look is something like art or meditation. It flows mindfully. Usually, I start with one piece, which often is a hat or a pair of gloves. Or sometimes I take one of Uli’s pieces and build around that. Most of my wardrobe consists of vintage clothes; I don’t follow trends very much. I’m very much into sustainable fashion so if I see a great outfit in my environment, I shop my own closet or look for it in my favorite second hand shops.’

Your love for sustainable, unique pieces led you to Uli’s jewelry?
‘It did! I very much appreciate artisans and try to support artists whenever I can. I got introduced to Uli’s work at a trade show in New York that I love going to. Her designs are fascinating, the way they just mold onto my body… They’re definitely statement pieces. Right now I own three pieces, they’re all gold but come in varying lengths. They look so glamorous when I wear them all together!’


Real by Stylecrone on Instagram

‘Yes, I sometimes wear Uli’s necklaces backwards or to the side. Or I wear the longer one over one of my shoulders. The texture is so flexible, it’s like they’re made for being played around with.

You’re wearing one of Uli’s necklaces today. Can you tell me more about the outfit you’ve combined it with? 
‘I just got back from yoga, it’s 11 AM here in Denver, Colorado. I’m actually a very devoted yogi. Health to me is the most important factor in my life. I organize my time around yoga, meditation, a plant based diet, healthy relationships and fashion. Anyway, today’s outfit consists of a casual black shirt and black pants. A leopard hat, some gold earrings and one of Uli’s gold necklaces tops it off. Gold, black and leopard go together really well!’

You even wear a hat to yoga? Wow!
‘I’m constantly captivated by headwear. In my house I even have a room with only hats. Today I want to organize my hat collection as we’re approaching a new season. It’s something I do twice a year. Whenever I don’t wear a hat, I feel underdressed. They are fun to wear and evoke a smile from strangers who cross my path.’

Are you as experimental with your accessories as you are with your clothes?
‘Yes, I sometimes wear Uli’s necklaces backwards or to the side. Or I wear the longer one over one of my shoulders. The texture is so flexible, it’s like they’re made for being played around with.Because of Style Crone, I’ve become more experimental and feel comfortable taking risks. You can always change your outfit or your hat, it’s not a big deal.’

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