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Art & Design‘People love to touch my necklaces’

‘People love to touch my necklaces’

Nearly a decade ago David Stella left Amsterdam for NYC. Here, he’s living his dream of being a celebrity makeup artist. His style is simple yet fun, thanks to eccentric accessories such as hats, bags and… jewelry. 

New York, New York… Did you always want to end up there?
‘Life just happened. Back in Amsterdam I worked as senior makeup artist for MAC and traveled all over the world. During one of those trips, I met my now husband in New York. We’ve been together for 13 years. It was a good move, not just for my personal life, but also for my career. People here spend a lot of time perfectioning their looks. And not just stars, mind you. You even see shop attendants rocking a full glam look with fake lashes.’

Your work many eccentric personalities. Did moving to NY change your own sense of style?
‘My style has always been pretty simple and it still is. I mostly own basic pieces, but I sometimes like to throw a statement item in the mix. If you go through my closet, you’d find pants with African prints, white pants, leather pants… For work, I have to keep things even more simple. Especially when I work for TV and I have to do touch-ups on the screen, a fully black look is my go-to. As a MUA you have to know that it’s not about you but the celebrity you’re working for.’

How do you still feel like yourself if you have to dress in black so often?
‘The magic word is: accessories! I love them. Bags, shoes, rings, necklaces… that’s why Uli’s designs are perfect for me. A stylist who’s also my friend introduced them to me. Thank god she did! The necklaces are not heavy at all and they make no sound unlike metal pieces that bang against each other. That’s why I can wear them even when I work for television.’

As style is turning more androgynous, I have high hopes that men will start embracing statement necklaces.

So even with statement jewelry like Uli’s, the keyword remains ‘practical’?
‘That’s right. Although they draw attention, I feel Uli’s necklaces are still quite subtle. I can wear the same piece to an event multiple times without people saying: ‘O, there’s that guy again with his green necklace’. I think it’s a shame to own jewelry that you can only wear for special occasions, I want to enjoy the pieces on a regular basis. Uli’s medium length necklaces are ideal for me, because I can wear them on set. Even when I’m putting lotion of people’s legs, for example, these necklaces won’t hook on clothing or something like that.’

How do people feel about seeing a guy wearing such striking jewelry?
‘I get many compliments when I wear Uli’s pieces! That’s typical for New York: if you wear something that stands out, people will make remarks about it. They’re always very positive, though. People love to touch it. It’s funny to see the surprise on their faces: they expect something hard like metal, but the texture is so soft.’

Men and jewelry = a winning combo?
‘Absolutely! I think you see it more and more, especially now that fashion is more androgynous than it has ever been before. It’s funny how men often wear hats, which in my opinion is much more showy accessory than a neckl


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